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August 3, 2009

Do I Value People?

Why of course I do! I recently had someone comment saying that I must not care about people because of my political beliefs. He said: “The more I read of your politics guys, the more I am forced to conclude that  you simply do not care about people at all”

I will answer this question with a quote from Frederic Bastiat:

“[People] might as well accuse [me] of wishing men not to eat, because [I] object to the cultivation of corn by the State.”

I love the American people, but I do not believe that we, as Americans, need to be babied. We are the men who pushed back the British when they infringed upon our rights, we regained the south when they tried to succeed, we fought back the Axis in WWII. We must once again stand up for our own rights, but this time without bloodshed. We are Americans! We have never needed babying! We can fend for ourselves! And we can help those who fall by the wayside of our own free will, not by force. We are not obligated to help others, we are not forced to, but we can! We can of our OWN FREE WILL. We do not need the government to tell us when we are morally obligated to help people. It is OUR OWN DECISION! We are free men!

~James Dalley

June 8, 2009

Google Ignores D-Day

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June 6, 1944 – D-Day

D-Day was the largest single-day amphibious assault in World War II. Over 160,000 Soldiers, 5,000 Ships, and 13,000 Aircraft were involved in this battle. Also more than 9,000 Allied (Which means American, or British) Soldiers were killed or wounded in D-Day. This battle allowed over 100,000 soldiers to continue on and march forward to defeat Hitler. This is an important day in world history and American history. For more information about D-Day.

We have all seen the cute little images that Google uses instead of its normal Google image on special days. Google has done images for MLK Day, Earth Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many others but on June 6th 2009 what image does it have? Tetris’ 25th Anniversary. Tetris! Are you kidding me Google! June 6th is D-Day and Google commemorates Tetris. As an American Citizen I hope that you are just as annoyed with this as I am. I hope that Google will not make a mistake like this again.