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June 30, 2009

Cap and Trade in the House

The Cap and Trade bill was passed by the house last week, but by how much???

7 Votes!

The Score

For: 219

Against: 212

Did not Vote: 3

Why are we as American Citizens passing a bill that only 7 more representatives liked??? Why are we staying silent! If the House represents us at all that means that there are a lot of us who don’t like this bill, and my guess is more don’t like it than do like it! We need to stop a bill that can only pass by 7 votes! America wake up and make this be a government run by the people, for the people! Please call your Senators and tell them to stop this bill. Stand up for your rights and protect the America that our Founding Fathers created! It is time that we stop standing by idling and “hoping for the best”. That is what Obama wants us to do, “hope”. We must act and not just hope. WE control the government, not Obama, Pelosi, and Ried. Let us stop the Cap and Trade bill now, and show the government who really controls it.

For your Senators phone numbers click here

Thank you for your support,

~James Dalley

June 9, 2009

Government Health Care?

Yesterday, June 8th, nine out of the ten Republican Senators on the Senate Finance Committee signed a letter to Pres. Obama that stated that having government run health care would not help the economy. The letter stated:

“At a time when major government programs like Medicare and Medicaid are already on a path to fiscal insolvency, creating a brand new government program will not only worsen our long term financial outlook but also negatively impact American families who enjoy the private coverage of their choice. Forcing free market plans to compete with these government-run programs would create an unlevel playing field and inevitably doom true competition.”

Hopefully, Obama will realize that government health care is not the way to help our economy. We as Americans would not benefit from government health care. Look at Canada and Britain, they both use government health care. It is actually fairly common for richer Canadians to come down to America for their health care because our health care is so much better than their government health care. Let us also hope that the Republicans in congress are actually waking up and are going to be willing to fight against some of the very liberal anti-free-market plans.