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November 4, 2009

Victory for Traditional Marriage

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I am proud to say that once again we have had a victory. Yesterday in Maine the citizens of Maine repealed Maine’s homosexual marriage laws. We have succeeded once again. Maine is now the 31st state to block homosexual marriage! Maine was one of the strongest supporters of homosexual marriage so this may turn into an even greater victory.

Thank you Maine!! I salute you!

~James Dalley

June 26, 2009

What’s the big deal in Iran?

Why are we so focused on Iran right now instead of keeping our government on the right track. on their front page had eight articles on Iran and seven on America one of which is Michael Jackson dying! I admit that Iran is a huge issue, but it is also a cover-up that people are using to get us to fight over Iran instead of Government Health Care, Paygo, and cap and trade!  America, we need to wake up and see the lie within our government.  We need to wake up to the real issues.  Gay Rights, isn’t a real issue, Abortion isn’t a real issue, Gun Control isn’t a real issue. The real issue is Communism/Socialism/Fascism Vs. Republic/Founding Fathers. We need to focus on getting new people into Congress, we need to get Founding Father Constitutionalists, not Democrats, not Republicans. We need good strong, sturdy, people whom we as the people can trust. America wake up and see the real issues.

~James Dalley