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August 3, 2009

Do I Value People?

Why of course I do! I recently had someone comment saying that I must not care about people because of my political beliefs. He said: “The more I read of your politics guys, the more I am forced to conclude thatĀ  you simply do not care about people at all”

I will answer this question with a quote from Frederic Bastiat:

“[People] might as well accuse [me] of wishing men not to eat, because [I] object to the cultivation of corn by the State.”

I love the American people, but I do not believe that we, as Americans, need to be babied. We are the men who pushed back the British when they infringed upon our rights, we regained the south when they tried to succeed, we fought back the Axis in WWII. We must once again stand up for our own rights, but this time without bloodshed. We are Americans! We have never needed babying! We can fend for ourselves! And we can help those who fall by the wayside of our own free will, not by force. We are not obligated to help others, we are not forced to, but we can! We can of our OWN FREE WILL. We do not need the government to tell us when we are morally obligated to help people. It is OUR OWN DECISION! We are free men!

~James Dalley

June 24, 2009

The Law Perverted

“Law is by no means confined to his own department … It has acted in direct opposition to its proper end; it has been employed in annihilating that justice which it ought to have established, in effacing amongst Rights, that limit which was its true mission to respect; it has placed the collective force in the service of those who wish to traffic, without risk, and without scruple, in the persons, the liberty, and the property of others; it has converted plunder into a right.”

~ Frederic Bastiat


~ Frederic Bastiat

We in this “great nation” of America are beginning to see problems that are destroying the great government that our Founding Fathers created. Our Founding Fathers had spent months arguing, writing, and researching the great governments of the world so that they could create the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! The GREATEST and STRONGEST Nation ever to be built upon this earth and we are PERVERTING THAT LAW. The Constitution has become the laughing stock of the world. Every president since FDR, besides Ronald Reagan, have worked towards the destruction of our nation and our Constitution. It is now our time to act! We must stand up or forever hold our peace. America WAKE UP!

~ James Dalley

June 20, 2009

Do You Trust Your Politicians?

Would you invite your Senators, or Representatives home for dinner? Would you trust them to watch your kids? If not than why do you trust them with our government???

Why do we trust what our politicians say? In Glenn Beck’s book Common Sense he writes:

“Politicians still insist that no hard choices need to be made and that hardships no pain-which have always been part of the American experience-are somehow no longer necessary.”

We have all grown up hearing our mothers tell us the old saying “No pain, no gain.” So why do we trust politicians over our mothers? The statement “No pain, no gain,” is a true statement! If we just get free health care than there is no pain, and no gain. If everyone gets the same free health care, than why should a doctor do his best to save his patients? Because of morals? Frederic Bastiat says that when something is easier than that is the natural route than man will take “and neither religion nor morality can, in this case, prevent it.” Look at the postal system that is run be the government, let us not have something asĀ  vital as HEALTH CARE under government control. Things aren’t easy America! Wake up and protect your rights! Please take the poll below.

Thank you,

-James Dalley