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September 26, 2009


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First off all of you have heard about ACORN but must don’t know what it stands for and what this organization stands for.

ACORN: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACORN is for “Affordable Housing”, “Better Schools”, “Fair Housing”, “Fair Tax Fees”, “Stopping Foreclosures”, “Health Care”, and many more things. For the full list click here.

Now let me quote an statement that ACORN made on the 17th of September.

“Many of you have seen the “news stories” that originated on Fox about ACORN

First off though Fox 4 News does have many news stories about ACORN they are not the only ones attacking ACORN. All of the Democrats though are attacking the defenders of the Constitution and the Libertarians who work for Fox News. Next they blame Fox News for “doctoring” the tapes.

“4. Many who have seen the videotapes have told us that they believe the tapes are
doctored: questions appear to be added in voiceover, there are breaks in some of the
action, etc. We have sent a letter to Roger Ailes, the President of Fox News, asking for
the original copies of the tapes so we can examine them ourselves.”

I find this offensive. Anyway what is ACORN really doing? I honestly don’t know but I agree with what Texas Senator John Cornyn is trying to do.

“I continue to be alarmed over ACORN’s blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars, and I recently asked Majority Leader Harry Reid to instruct relevant Senate committee chairmen to investigate ACORN’s offenses and identify the sources of all federal funds that ACORN and its affiliates receive, so that we can ensure taxpayers don’t continue to fund this fraud-ridden organization.  The Majority Leader is currently refusing to investigate ACORN, stating that it would be a “distraction.”  It appears that for Majority Leader Reid,  ‘oversight’ is a selective responsibility” – John Cornyn

I hope that Harry Reid will listen to him, but until then, I suggest that anyone interested in learning about ACORN do their own research and find out the facts for themselves. Don’t just trust the media whether it be Fox 4 or the New York Times.

~James Dalley

July 16, 2009

ACORN: Using Your Money to Destroy Your Elections.

As much as I love squirrels, I hate giving ACORN tax dollars.  It’s an outrage, an insult to our intelligence.

Why should ACORN get our tax dollars?  They are a radical group that resorts to illegal voting related activities often, along with other disgusting techniques to intimidate or trick those whose cooperation they need.  If you aren’t convinced that they’re a radical organization willing to do anything to put their awful brand of “justice” into law, read even a small part of this City Journal article, and to see how widespread their voter fraud violations are, see this map.  ACORN was responsible for many thousands of votes that were declared fraudulent just in the 2008 elections.  Imagine if ACORN loses access to federal funds while radicals like Pelosi are in power?  Wouldn’t it show people that they have a voice?  It would really show the radicals a thing or two about America.  So if you want our government to stop paying people to fraudulently register voters, sign this petition, and spread the word about it.  If you really don’t like ACORN, link to the petition on your blog, your facebook status, your Twitter, and then email your friends about it.

By the way, I found out that ACORN has nothing to do with squirrels.  All the more reason not to fund them.

-Samuel Peck