Plano Texas Politics

July 27, 2009

Minimum Wage Raised to $0

Just this week the minimum wage was raised to $0 for thousands of US Citizens. Congress raised the minimum wage 70ยข under the premise of helping the poor, but in reality thousands of people were laid off because of this raise.

We must stop this outrageous climb in the minimum wage and in the raise in job loses. We must stop the government from ruining America! We need to save America! We the People! We have the power and we need to use it.

~James Dalley

July 10, 2009

Join Goooh

Goooh stands for “Get Out Of Our House”, it is pronounced “go”. This is a non-partisan group thats goal is to evict all 435 members of the house and replace them with normal, everyday American citizens. This group is trying to get rid of the “career” politicians like, Speaker Pelsoi, and Senator Ried, along with thier Republican counter parts. Goooh is a group that is trying to help the people control politics again instead of the carreer politicians.

I encourage any interested to join Goooh at their website.

~James Dalley