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October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize?

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I am sorry to say that I know think the Nobel Peace Prize is worth nothing. I understand that many people love Obama but what has he done for peace? Obama may be considered a great president by many, but what has he done for peace? We still have troops in Iraq, he has insulted England multiple times, and he has definitely not had the American people be peaceful, we have stood up and rallied to defy his agenda many times and once again, what has he done for peace??


~James Dalley


October 1, 2009

Benjamin Franklin Quote

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“Whenever an office, through increase of fees or otherwise, becomes so profitable, as to occasion many to apply for it, the profits ought to be lessened by the legislature.”

– Ben Franklin

I think that this could be one of the largest problems with Congress… Senators and Representatives get paid too much. The fundamental problem is that Congress can vote to get a higher salary. I do not know what we can do to change this but it is food for thought.

~ James Dalley

September 29, 2009

Thomas Jefferson on Debt

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“To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between liberty and economy, or profusion and servitude.”

-Thomas Jefferson

We need to listen to the author of the Declaration of Independence. We can not let Congress burden us with huge amounts of debt. Congress doesn’t seem to realize that we can’t keep going in debt! Debt was what caused the housing crisis, and that was just the debt of the people. Imagine what would happen if the United States of America had to pay off all of it’s debts within the next year. It would be impossible. We can not allow ourselves to go further in debt. Wake up America! Stand up for a debt free nation.

~James Dalley

September 26, 2009


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First off all of you have heard about ACORN but must don’t know what it stands for and what this organization stands for.

ACORN: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACORN is for “Affordable Housing”, “Better Schools”, “Fair Housing”, “Fair Tax Fees”, “Stopping Foreclosures”, “Health Care”, and many more things. For the full list click here.

Now let me quote an statement that ACORN made on the 17th of September.

“Many of you have seen the “news stories” that originated on Fox about ACORN

First off though Fox 4 News does have many news stories about ACORN they are not the only ones attacking ACORN. All of the Democrats though are attacking the defenders of the Constitution and the Libertarians who work for Fox News. Next they blame Fox News for “doctoring” the tapes.

“4. Many who have seen the videotapes have told us that they believe the tapes are
doctored: questions appear to be added in voiceover, there are breaks in some of the
action, etc. We have sent a letter to Roger Ailes, the President of Fox News, asking for
the original copies of the tapes so we can examine them ourselves.”

I find this offensive. Anyway what is ACORN really doing? I honestly don’t know but I agree with what Texas Senator John Cornyn is trying to do.

“I continue to be alarmed over ACORN’s blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars, and I recently asked Majority Leader Harry Reid to instruct relevant Senate committee chairmen to investigate ACORN’s offenses and identify the sources of all federal funds that ACORN and its affiliates receive, so that we can ensure taxpayers don’t continue to fund this fraud-ridden organization.  The Majority Leader is currently refusing to investigate ACORN, stating that it would be a “distraction.”  It appears that for Majority Leader Reid,  ‘oversight’ is a selective responsibility” – John Cornyn

I hope that Harry Reid will listen to him, but until then, I suggest that anyone interested in learning about ACORN do their own research and find out the facts for themselves. Don’t just trust the media whether it be Fox 4 or the New York Times.

~James Dalley

September 23, 2009

Don’t Tear Me Down!

The Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross

The Memorial

The Memorial

This proud memorial was put in the Mojave Desert by members of many faiths. The soldiers that placed this cross meant it to be a memorial to the soldiers that have given their lives to protect the freedoms that we enjoy in this great nation.

Now the ACLU has decided that this is memorial is unconstitutional. While this case goes to the Supreme Court the memorial looks like this:

The Desecration of the Memorial

The Desecration of the Memorial

We must not let this great memorial be torn down by the ACLU! Defend the soldiers who have died for America! Defend the Mojave Desert War Memorial! Visit the Don’t Tear Me Down website here!

~James Dalley

September 21, 2009

A Vicotory!

I am proud to report what many believe to be a victory for the free market and for America!

For many months I have had little to no good news about what has been happening in Washington. I can finally say We The People have accomplished something!

I have been asking myself why haven’t I heard anything about the cap and trade bill for a while? I found my answer today at the CATO Institutes’ Website.

“Simple: the votes aren’t there for it. Blanche Lincoln, the new head of the Agriculture Committee, calls cap-and-trade a “complete non starter” and said that it is not her “preference to move on cap and trade this year.” Majority Leader Harry Reid recently signaled his agreement by stating that cap-and-trade “may” not be considered until next year. For cap-and-trade, “next year” translates as “never.” Senators know what touched off the town halls, and they know what fate awaits many of their Democratic colleagues come November 2010. Passing an unpopular health care “public option” along with cap-and-trade will easily realign the Senate into its old filibustering self. That kills cap-and-trade in the next Congress.”            – Cato Institute (Patrick J. Michaeles)

The people stood up for the free market and informed their representatives and senators that they did not support this bill and because of that we have won the battle. Good job America!

~James Dalley

September 20, 2009

Obama places a 35% Tariff on Tires from China!

“In one of his first major decisions on trade policy, President Obama opted Friday to impose a tariff on tires from China, a move that fulfills his campaign promise to “crack down” on imports that unfairly undermine American workers but risks angering the nation’s second-largest trading partner.” – The Washington Post

China is our SECOND LARGEST trading partner we can not afford to make them angry. America imports many things from China that we don’t even make here in America. Also we import many things into China and it will hurt many business if we too have to pay a tariff on goods we import to China.

“Although this may sound like just another day in Washington, Obama’s decision will be consequential. It will help clarify his administration’s heretofore opaque trade policy objectives. It will set the tone for U.S.-China trade relations for the foreseeable future. And it will affect broader international trade relations, for better or for worse, as America honors or disavows its pledge to the Group of 20 nations to avoid new protectionist measures.” – The Free Trade Bulletin.

I would like you to note the fact that the United States has pledged to TWENTY nations that we will avoid any new protectionist measures, one of which would be creating new tariffs. The president can not just go around breaking promises which he has made to 20 nations.

Though we can not stop this decision, for it has already been made, we can inform Obama and our own senators and representatives, in Washington, that we do not agree with the new regulations Obama is enforcing.

~James Dalley

September 14, 2009

President’s Speech on Health Care

“Under this plan, it will be against the law for insurance companies to deny you coverage because of a preexisting condition.”

This may sound glorious on paper but this will not help many people. If a company can not judge who to except and who to not except insurance companies will fall.

“There may still be companies that refuse to do right by their workers by giving them coverage.”

Is Obama making a moral judgment on companies now? “That refuse to do right”! Companies have to do what they can to survive, the president doesn’t have the right to make moral judgments of the people.

~James Dalley

September 11, 2009

9/11 Memorial

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Though many have put the memory of September 11th 2001 long behind them, this is something that we must remember.

8 years ago at 8:46 a. m. Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. At 9:03 Flight 137 crashed into the South Tower. At 9:37 Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Then at 10:03, the brave passengers on Flight 93 crashed their plane into a Pennsylvania field.

I ask all of you to quietly spent 1 minute to remember how you felt on that day and to give reverence to those many men, women, and children that died eight years ago. We must never forgot those brave Americans.

United We Stand

~James Dalley

September 10, 2009

Obamacare Poll

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