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July 20, 2009

Proof Against Government Health Care

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I do not know who the person was that put this list together but I found it in a comment and I have Googled a couple of these and they are real. If you don’t believe me Google them yourself. These articles should speak for me:

mharwick wrote:
“Straight from the newspapers”

Kidney cancer patients denied life-saving drugs by NHS rationing body NICE
– April 29, 2009 [Daily Mail (UK)]
Girl, 3, has heart operation cancelled three times because of bed shortage
– David Rose, April 23, 2009 [Times Online]
Number of children going to hospital to have teeth pulled soars by 66% since 1997
– Daniel Martin and Cher Thornhill, April 12, 2009 [Daily Mail (UK)]
NHS ‘failings’ over elderly falls
– March 25, 2009 [BBC]
Learning disabled ‘failed by NHS’
– Nick Triggle, March 24, 2009 [BBC]
Cancer survivor confronts the health secretary on 62-day wait
– Lyndsay Moss, March 21, 2009 [The Scotsman]
Culture of targets prevents nurses from tending to patients
– Claire Rayner, President of the Patients Association, March 21, 2009 [Telegraph UK]
Children being failed by health system, says head of watchdog
– Sarah Boseley, March 21, 2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
Our cancer shame: Survival rates still lag behind EU despite spending billions
– Jenny Hope, March 20, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Failing hospital ’caused deaths’
– March 17, 2009 [BBC]
Health gap drive ‘wasted money’
– Nick Triggle, March 14, 2009 [BBC]
Longer GP opening hours branded wasteful ‘PR exercise’ by doctors
– Lyndsay Moss, March 13, 2009 [The Scotsman]
“Political meddling” threatens general practice, warns GP leader
– March 13, 2009 [Management in Practice (UK)]
Children at risk through lack of training for doctors and nurses, report warns
– Rebecca Smith, March 13, 2009 [Telegraph UK]
Chocolate should be taxed to control obesity epidemic, doctors are told
– Simon Johnson, March 13, 2009 [Telegraph UK]
1,000 villagers wait for a dentist after just one NHS practice opens
– March 10, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Study that proves the folly of NHS Alzheimer’s drug ban
– Jenny Hope, March 7, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
NHS charges to rise in England
– March 5, 2009 [BBC]
Disabled children wait up to two years for wheelchairs
– March 4, 2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
NHS under fire over waiting times
– February 25, 2009 [The Scotsman]
Government procrastination blamed for HIV-contaminated blood tragedy
– February 23, 2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
Specialist nurses ‘vastly overworked’
– February 20, 2009 [Harwich & Manningtree Standard]
Hundreds of operations cancelled at Lothian hospitals
– Adam Morris, February 19, 2009 [The Scotsman]
Stop asking for antibiotics to cure coughs and colds, Government tells patients
– Daniel Martin, February 17, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Stroke services are ‘UK’s worst’
– February 17, 2009 [BBC]
Hospitals curb caesarean births
– Sarah-Kate Templeton, February 15, 2009 [The Times]
Only five out of 51 hospital trusts pass hygiene test, say inspectors
– Sarah Boseley, November 24, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
Top doctors slam NHS drug rationing
– Sarah-Kate Templeton, August 24, 2008 [The Times]
Heart patients dying due to poor hospital care, says report
– Sarah Boseley, June 8, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
NHS dentistry loses almost a million patients after new dentists’ contract
– David Rose, June 6, 2008 [The Times]
Private healthcare managers could be sent to turn round failing NHS hospitals
– Philip Webster, Political Editor, and David Rose, June 4, 2008 [The Times]
Cancer patients ‘betrayed’ by NHS
– Sarah-Kate Templeton, June 1, 2008 [The Times]
NHS scandal: dying cancer victim was forced to pay
– Sarah-Kate Templeton, June 1, 2008 [The Times]
Pensioner, 76, forced to pull out own teeth after 12 NHS dentists refuse to treat her
– Olinka Koster, March 26, 2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Dental patients face care lottery
– March 26, 2008 [Metro(UK)]
Lung patients ‘condemned to death as NHS withdraws their too expensive drugs’
– Jenny Hope, March 24, 2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Women in labour turned away by maternity units
– John Carvel, March 21, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
Health inequality has got worse under Labour, says government report
– Andrew Sparrow, March 13, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
Angry GPs reluctantly accept plan for weekend and evening surgeries
– John Carvel, March 7, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
NHS chiefs tell grandmother, 61, she’s ‘too old’ for 5,000 life-saving heart surgery
– Chris Brooke, February 28, 2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Patient ‘removed’ from waiting list to meet target
– January 31, 2008 [The Scotsman]
NHS patients told to treat themselves
– James Kirkup, January 4, 2008 [Telegraph UK]
NHS is ‘failing patients’ despite record funding
– Rebecca Smith, October 4, 2007 [Telegraph UK]
NHS rationing rife, say doctors
– September 24, 2007 [BBC]
One in eight patients waiting over a year for treatment, admits minister
– John Carvel, June 8, 2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
Audit Office asked to investigate record 500m NHS underspend
– John Carvel, May 30, 2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
The drugs the NHS won’t give you
– May 11, 2007 [Telegraph UK]
UK lagging behind on cancer drug access, study finds
– May 10, 2007 [Guardian Unlimited]

I hope that you can now see some of the bad results of government health care. Help America fight government health care! Call your senator and representative today!
Thank you mharwick,
~James Dalley


  1. It pays to read beyond the headlines guys.

    For example, the top article about kidney cancer. The NHS does not ration life-saving drugs. What NICE does is decide which experimental life-prolonging drugs to fund. Most of these drugs are very expensive and many of them are ineffective. As an example, the drug Sutent costs $54,000 and all it does is perhaps extend the life span of a kidney cancer sufferer by a couple of months. You don’t see the up-side. Many drugs do get approved by NICE. Those that do and are worthwhile are provided to the patient for free.

    Can you say the same about the US, whose health system regularly puts people into poverty and throws them on the street? I don’t think so. In the US, basic health coverage will only start to treat your HIV symptoms when it turns into full blown AIDS but the NHS will supply treatment to you for life from the moment you’re diagnosed *for free*. No insurance premiums raising. No fears of getting blacklisted. No risk of landing in court. Nothing.

    So in the US if you get HIV and you can’t afford health insurance (as 45m people can’t) then it’s a death sentence. In Britain it’s not. The NHS provides world-class care.

    Read beyond the headlines chaps. There’s a whole world of facts awaiting you 🙂

    Comment by Simon — July 25, 2009 @ 7:15 am | Reply

  2. For some more fun:

    27% of Americans with untreated tooth cavities because they have no dental insurance. “In some cases, the results of poor dental care have been deadly. A child in Mississippi and another in Maryland died this year from infections caused by decayed teeth.” Dentists are well paid but American dental care is in a poor state.

    Can You Afford HIV treatment? ““The average cost of HIV treatment is $14,000 to $20,000 a year,” says Michael Kolber, MD, a professor of medicine and director of the Comprehensive AIDS Program and Adult HIV Services at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida. “If you’re paying $1,000 a month, you’re doing really well.”

    HIV and AIDS treatment in the UK: In the NHS, HIV treatment is free. For Life. Patients do not pay for their life-saving drugs.

    In both the US and the UK, sometimes prescriptions have a cost element. In the US, your insurer will sometimes only pay for certain drug regimes and you will have to co-pay or fully pay for others. In the UK your managing health authority will sometimes recommend one treatment over another based on some cost (13% according to the study).

    So of course no system is perfect. But I’d rather live in a health system that doesn’t make me pay $1,000 a month for life-saving drugs. That’s what the US system does.

    The same is true, by the way, of cancer treatment, life-saving operations, etc. In the US the use of private insurance screws patients one way or another, either through up-front payments or increased premiums, and it gets away with it on the pretense of better health care. (which it is not).

    Comment by Simon — July 25, 2009 @ 7:34 am | Reply

  3. One more (promise):

    Stop asking for antibiotics to cure coughs and colds, Government tells patients
    – Daniel Martin, February 17, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]

    This article is not about drug shortages, of which there are none (did you know that the UK already has enough stockpiles of Tamiflu to treat the whole population for swine flu for free? That’s the NHS for you). The article is about the problem of antibiotic resistance.

    Over-use of antibiotics for useless purposes (such as treating common colds, which are viruses and not affected by antibiotics) leads to drug-resistant infections. The MRSA bug, which affects many hospitals around the world, has evolved because of this and is now very hard to treat. As are some other diseases like tuberculosis. The content of the article is about how the UK Government wants to try and prevent the evolution of more MRSA-like super-bugs, drug resistant diseases and so on by encouraging peoples’ own immune systems to acquire resistances to infection and fight them off.

    By the way, many of your quotes come from the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is regarded as a national joke in the UK because it is a paper with a very slanted political agenda. There are practically no headlines that it publishes that don’t in some way make it seem that Britain is some sort of hell hole. They are the newspaper equivalent of Fox News.

    The Times, the Guardian and the Independent are much more even handed publications overall.

    Comment by Simon — July 25, 2009 @ 7:44 am | Reply

  4. I see your point Simon, but look at our VA Hospitals. Most people don’t use them because they don’t trust the government to take care of them properly.

    I realize that there are millions of people without insurance, but a decade or two ago there used to be lots and lots of Charity Hospitals. Doctors and nurses would donate a day of their time and work there for free. These doctors and nurses would still do as much as they could to help their patients but they did it as service. Doctors and nurses get paid so much they can afford to do things like that, but with the way government has already started to takeover many aspects of health care, those hospitals became less and less popular.

    That is one way that illustrates the free market at work. Those doctors weren’t told to do that but they did it. I believe that with a free market many things like that will become more prevalent.

    And just one last things, I personally love FOX News, because it shows the republican/libertarian point of view as opposed to most of the other news which just reports the democratic/socialist point of view.

    ~James Dalley

    Comment by jdalley — July 25, 2009 @ 8:18 am | Reply

  5. Yes, but as I said in another post on this, the VA hopsitals have been underfunded for 30 years so of course they won’t be very good. It’s not a direct comparison.

    Comment by Simon — July 25, 2009 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  6. And it’s a sad state of affairs to say Charity Hospitals are the solution. All you’re actually saying there is that the solution is to rely on the conscience of the well-paid. I’m sure that’s a good in a crisis but it’s not a solution in the long term is it?

    Comment by Simon — July 25, 2009 @ 8:32 am | Reply

  7. Yeah, there are a few badly slanted Leftist new sources, and they’re bad, but that doesn’t make FOX good, it’s just as bad as they are, just in the other direction.
    Very few of those were problems intrinsic to Universal Health Care, often caused by underfunding or understafffing. Costs may go up, but it’s worth it to have coverage.

    Comment by Recaiden — July 29, 2009 @ 12:58 am | Reply

  8. Thank you James Dalley. There is a similar list of real reports out of Canada. The captions are very much the same. Long waits and travesties of health care.

    Comment by MHARWICK — July 31, 2009 @ 10:23 am | Reply

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