Plano Texas Politics

July 20, 2009

Immigration Reform and the Rule of Law

“Immigration reform,” as we called the debate on whether to do anything significant towards enforcing our immigration laws, has further damaged the idea of rule of law.  Where’s the fence that congress legislated would be built?  I’m sure this post comes out of nowhere to you, not many are talking about this anymore, but we should be in an uproar about a government that would do this.  Congress passes a bill to build a fence on the border and it never happens!  Did they just want to keep us quiet and get us to forget about it?  Not only that, but Bush did, and now Obama is doing, very little to enforce our immigration laws.  This is not just an economic problem, but one of our confidence in rule of law.  What reason do we have to believe we can count on other laws being upheld when those in power don’t feel like it?

An additional reson to fight for enforcement is that it is a tremendous national security hazard.  Why couldn’t terrorists just sneak over the southern border?  Illegal aliens are also more likely to break other laws.  According to this site 12 people are murdered by illegal immigrants every day, and 13 are killed by illegal immigrants who are driving drunk.  How many American soldiers have died in war in the last several years?  a lot less than 25 per day.


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