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July 15, 2009

Facts on the Health Care Bill From National Center for Policy Analysis.

“The bill creates a new government-run health plan that will undercut the private market pushing as many as 119 million people out of their private health insurance and be forced into a Medicaid-like plan. Employers will be pressed to drop their insurance benefits and send their employees over to the new government plan. This provision doesn’t apply to Members of Congress, who will be able to keep their health plan. The bill will also create a new federal health board, a group of government bureaucrats that will decide whether your health care is effective or not, which could endanger your ability to receive the health care you need. To pay for the new federal health board, there will be a new “fair share” tax imposed on everyone’s health insurance to raise $375 million needed for the new bureaucracy. The government has not yet decided what your portion will be. As I previously wrote to you, there will be a new “tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage.” In other words, if your health insurance isn’t government-approved you will be taxed.”

Scary.  If congress was willing to accept it, then we would know they had confidence in it, but no, they keep their superior plan, because ours is probably going to suck.

Posted by Samuel Peck


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