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July 11, 2009

Government Health Care

President Obama and the Congress are pushing for reforms that will move the US health care system closer to a nationalized system like that of Canada or Great Britain. If this is successful, you will have fewer health care choices and your access to care will be more limited. The government, not you and your doctor, will be responsible for determining whether you receive care. You will be “wait listed” for critical diagnostic tests. You may wait two or three years for surgery. You may not have access to life-saving cancer and other drugs. Yet, you will pay higher taxes.

You can help stop this government takeover of health care. Send a message by signing the petition at

In my college history class, I learned about those terrible things those rich, evil capitalists did, how they manipulated the markets and mistreated their employees.  With the terrible results of higher wages and lower prices.   Don’t you hate free market operations?  One more thing to keep in mind: don’t be decieved by life span comparisons of health care systems (i.e. Europeans live longer than us so their health care systems are better than our health care system).  Using better measurements, such as survival rates of those with potentially terminal diseases (among entire population) America fares much better.  In fact, I believe that most of those types of measurements will put America at #1.



  1. You will also not have to pay 500,000 dollars for the surgery of your choice, nor end up in ten years of legal wrangling with insurance companies trying to escape paying on technicalities. Where’s your answer to that?

    As to the British and Canadian systems: Long waiting lists and supposed waits for critical tests are myths. You will have access to cheap medication. You will have hospital places that do not charge. You will receive both at-point and palliative care. You will pay less in taxes than health insurance costs.

    The US system is clouded with this idea of “choice”, as though an average guy in the street knows enough about, say, endochrinology to make a qualified choice of treatments, doctors and so forth. It’s a sick joke masquerading a system that *screws* patients every which way it can.

    I’ve lived in both UK and Canadian (and the French) systems and also in the US system and know these things to be true. The US system is by far the worse of the 4 of them. And here’s the hilarious part. Despite all the ranting and raving about the supposed mores of organised medicine, the average life expectancy of UK, Canadian and French people is longer than those of USAmericans. After all is said and done, your completely private health system SUCKS.

    Comment by Simon — July 14, 2009 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

    • Actually those are not myths, I have talked to multiple people who have had critical tests put off, and if they had had the disease than they could have died. Luckily they did not. As to cheap medication, sure you’ll have cheap meds, but they will be already coming out of your pocket book in the disguise of taxes.

      Money doesn’t magically appear, it has to come from somewhere. I see only two places. Taxes, or lower salaries for doctors. I would like to see proof that you pay less in taxes than in health insurance because I find that hard to believe based on historical facts. The government runs things worse that private business, look at USPS compared to UPS or FEDEX.

      Why do insist on calling people stupid? The average person has the information at his fingers through the internet. If he has any initiative which it is my opinion he does, then he can make an educated decision. I don’t trust the government any farther than I can throw the White House. I have gone to the hospital once because my doctor failed to act when I knew he should. I have more trust in me, when it comes to my body.

      Now I understand your a Canadian! That’s why you don’t have a strong believe in the constitution or the founders! (-:

      Comment by jdalley — July 14, 2009 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

      • There was a period of time in the 80s when the pro-free market Thatcher government starved the UK NHS of funding and that led to queues. In the modern Labour-run UK, where proper funding has been restored, this does not happen. I can get my dental, health, and various other problems attended to for comparatively low cost or free.

        Dentistry, for example, is not entirely free but it is comparatively inexpensive. A complicated crown procedure in the UK will cost you maybe $300 on the NHS, as compared to typically over a thousand dollars in the US. I also get full health care for such things as cancer treatment, natal care, accident/operation care at no cost and the standard of service is excellent.

        What does hit the papers in the UK is occasional stories of a patient not being approved a cancer treatment because of cost. These cases are always the same however, in that the patient is looking for a last ditch experimental treatment that might extend their lives by a few weeks at best, but the cost of the treatment is huge. Often doctors making determinations in these cases have to weigh the greater good versus the likelihood of success and make a sad choice. But the British tabloids love it as a story to paint the “failing” NHS. It’s a totally false kind of reporting however.

        As for medication, here’s the difference:

        I pay social insurance according to my ability to pay. It’s a percentage of salary. I don’t pay according to cost of treatment. If I get sick my premiums do not go up. I do not have to fear that if I break my leg that I’ll have to sell my car to pay for the treatment, or that I’ll end up in court with my insurance company spending thousands on legal fees. I don’t have to fear that if I get sick I may also go bankrupt.

        Nobody in the UK gets billed for their individual meds pre- or post-care. Nobody gets a bill for tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. The cost is spread collectively and so it’s reliable. And it does so while maintaining a high standard of salaries for doctors and nurses. British doctors are very well paid.

        As for stupidity, that’s not what I meant. I’m talking about expertise. You know nothing about the complexity and chances of many treatments being successful, so you can’t make informed choices most of the time. When your life is in danger, you can’t sit and make choices over which ER is probably better to go to. Such choices are simply meaningless and while they sound like good consumer sense, in reality you would often be better simply flipping coins and picking heads or tails.

        I’m not Canadian btw 🙂

        Funnily enough, I actually do believe in the principles of the US constitution despite not being American myself. What I believe in, however, is applying them in the real world and in a responsible fashion. As with all such documents, it is aspirational and helpful but it is not perfect and needs interpretation for modern times.

        Comment by Simon — July 15, 2009 @ 10:18 am

  2. I would like to throw my two cents into this really lop sided debate.

    First I am a DAV (Disabled American Veteran), so I can comment on government run health care, as I have been in it for the last 20+ years.

    I vary seldom go to a VA Hospital, even in an emergency. Why, you ask?

    Very simple, I do NOT trust the health care I receive from VA Hospitals!!!!!!

    Ask, 100 veterans how they compare VA Hospitals vs. Private health care and I bet 90 out of the 100 would tell you the same thing, They do NOT trust the government health care!

    Here is just one example of government run health care……….

    My Grandfather was born in Germany, raised in Germany, fled Germany when Hitler was coming into power. Came to the USA in the 40’s, joined the US Armed Forces (US Army) and fought against Hitler. My Grandfather had received a Purple Heart. In 1993 My Grandfather went to the VA Hospital and complained about weakness, fatigue and soreness. He was given Tylanol 3 and told he had a cold and sent home. Six months later with the same symptons told his daughter and she came and got him and took him to her private doctor only to discover that he has been ate up with cancer all throughout his body. Trust me, this is not the only story where government ran health care doctors will lie to their patients.

    If government can not run the VA health program, what on earth makes you think they can run everyone’s health care????????

    Comment by Allen — July 21, 2009 @ 11:27 am | Reply

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