Plano Texas Politics

June 20, 2009

Do You Trust Your Politicians?

Would you invite your Senators, or Representatives home for dinner? Would you trust them to watch your kids? If not than why do you trust them with our government???

Why do we trust what our politicians say? In Glenn Beck’s book Common Sense he writes:

“Politicians still insist that no hard choices need to be made and that hardships no pain-which have always been part of the American experience-are somehow no longer necessary.”

We have all grown up hearing our mothers tell us the old saying “No pain, no gain.” So why do we trust politicians over our mothers? The statement “No pain, no gain,” is a true statement! If we just get free health care than there is no pain, and no gain. If everyone gets the same free health care, than why should a doctor do his best to save his patients? Because of morals? Frederic Bastiat says that when something is easier than that is the natural route than man will take “and neither religion nor morality can, in this case, prevent it.” Look at the postal system that is run be the government, let us not have something as  vital as HEALTH CARE under government control. Things aren’t easy America! Wake up and protect your rights! Please take the poll below.

Thank you,

-James Dalley

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